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All Majors and Minors

If you’re not sure what you’d like to study, you can browse through all of our programs listed in alphabetical order below.


Good accountants do more than crunch numbers. They keep business moving forward. Learn to develop the financial statements that drive business and devise strategies to improve the bottom line with a degree in Accounting from the Feliciano School of Business at ǧý University.

This four-year 120 credit program will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of advertising – from strategy and ideation to execution and placement.

In this interdisciplinary program, students examine the contributions people of African descent have made to human and world history.

American Sign Language
In the American Sign Language (ASL) program, you will learn how to master the basic structures of ASL, acquire a sizeable vocabulary and achieve the ability to participate in conversations on a variety of topics.

Study the history, culture and daily life of the ancient Mediterranean world as seen through texts and artifacts.

Animation and Visual Effects
An immersive experience creating and produce professional quality 3D characters, environments, props, animations, simulated effects, and composites for film, television, animation, video games, and interactive media.

Anthropology is a holistic and broad approach to the study of humankind. It deals with our origins; biological characteristics; languages; and the beliefs, customs, and lifeways of past and contemporary cultures.

Applied Mathematics and Statistics
The study and development of mathematical disciplines. These disciplines are then applied to present real-world problems.

With over 420 million speakers, Arabic has been a driving force for advancements in science and cultural enrichment.

Introduces you to the science, methods and ethical foundations that form the basis for this fascinating discipline.

You will explore art making and design in multiple mediums and take classes that analyze other artists' work.

Arts and Health
The graduate certificate program in Arts and Health provides arts professionals and health care professionals with the tools to integrate the arts into health and wellness for individuals and communities.

Asian Studies
Learn to speak Japanese, Korean or Chinese while simultaneously studying Asianphilosophy, or try a class on Contemporary Chinese Cinema and Society to expand your knowledge of the world.

Athletic Training
Prevention, care and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions that occur in people who participate in strenuous physical activity.

In our programs, you will learn to work with individuals who have difficulty hearing, understanding speech and/or processing auditory signals, as well as individuals with balance disorders.

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Biochemistry majors will emerge with a strong background in chemistry and biochemistry as well as in the basic sciences and mathematics, qualifying them for doctoral study in biochemistry and related fields, entry into professional health career programs or professional employment.

The study of biology fosters the ability to critically examine information and discover new knowledge through rigorous scientific reasoning in budding life scientists.

Possessing an appreciation of fundamental business principles is an essential component of long-term financial and professional success. A degree in Business Administration will serve to enhance your major by adding core knowledge that will help you succeed in your chosen field of study.

Business analytics is the set of tools and techniques that makes it possible to translate big data into insight and information for efficient decision making. Professionals who are proficient in business analytics are in serious short supply and are very valuable to their employers. The job market for such people is huge and expected to increase every year for the foreseeable future.

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Students who choose a chemistry major will be prepared for professional employment in the chemical and chemistry-related industry, for doctoral study in chemistry or biochemistry, for professional education in fields related to science or for teacher certification.

Draw on an interdisciplinary knowledge base to represent the rights of children and families.

Study Chinese and achieve proficiency in reading, writing and speaking the language, and also develop a fundamental understanding of Chinese culture.

Study the language, history and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome. Learn to read Ancient Greek and Latin and experience firsthand the work of Homer, Plato, Virgil and Cicero.

With this dynamic program, you will study cognitive processes in the context of psychology, linguistics, computer science and more.

The Communication Studies program cultivates dynamic leaders who can drive communication programs, collaboration and innovative problem solving in corporate, government and nonprofit organizations.

The Computer Science curriculum prepares students to design and implement software, to consider new ways to use computers, to assist in improving solutions to computer problems, and generally helps students to adapt to new ideas.

The Counseling programs prepare students to be culturally competent social justice counselors to work with diverse populations of all ages in the following four areas: clinical mental health counseling, addictions counseling, school counseling and student affairs/higher education.

Offers courses in fiction, poetry, drama, creative nonfiction, screenwriting and memoir, on a variety of levels.

Cover topics that include current controversies as well as the impact of broader issues like race, gender and social class.

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In this program, you will combine a liberal arts degree with conservatory-based training. Our expert faculty will guide you on your journey to becoming a professional dancer, choreographer, critic or dance teacher.

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Our programs in Earth and Environmental Science prepare future scientists who are equipped to address complex issues including the mechanisms and effects of climate change; identifying the nature and source of contaminants in the environment; designing novel methods of removing contaminants from air, water and soil; understanding interactions between humans and the coastal zone; developing strategies for responsible land use and water resource management; and understanding the workings of our planet from the core to the top of the atmosphere.

Build a solid business foundation, sharpen your ability to think strategically and increase your marketability in fields ranging from public policy to strategic business management.

Educational Foundations
Educational Foundations programs are focused on creating well-rounded school teachers who have strong subject knowledge on the variety of topics covered by each classroom teacher in elementary school.

This practice-driven program will guide aspiring leaders to develop principles of moral leadership and cultivate a democratic vision for schools and learning.

Learn to read carefully, write critically, think creatively, and conduct research independently. Broaden your intellectual horizons through an introduction to literature from a range of historical periods and countries around the world.

Want to highlight to employers that you have the real-world skills to succeed in any career? Consider gaining the knowledge and skills to create a startup business model, manage a small business and pitch your own business plan. You will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, while also learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Offers students a theoretical and an applied course of study in environmental justice, an emerging interdisciplinary field.

We prepare environmental professionals in all sectors (academia, industry, government, nonprofits) to take leadership roles in solving society's most challenging environmental problems.

Exercise Science
Prepares exercise practitioners to perform accurate fitness assessments, as well as to plan, implement, evaluate and sustain exercise-programming initiatives.

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Family Science and Human Development
Interdisciplinary field that teaches how to understand individuals, families and communities from a holistic point of view with an emphasis on social justice

Explore the many facets of fashion while learning to analyze and identify consumer needs and determine how a dynamic industry meets those needs. Graduates pursue careers in fashion manufacturing, merchandising, management and marketing of products and services.

These rich and varied offerings give students an understanding of the growth and development of the cinema, the 20th century's most vital art form.

Film and Television
From scriptwriting and storyboarding to live-action shooting, digital editing and live webcast streaming – for both the big-screen TV and hand-held device, students learn it all.

Learn to develop strategies to manage financial operations, how firms make decisions and how those decisions impact both individual organizations and global economies.

In this program, you will immerse yourself in the language, literature and culture of France and the Francophone world.

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You will research, analyze, and discuss topics that go straight to the heart of the matter with classes such as Hate Crimes and Sociology of Gender.

This program is a perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge, analytical skills and understanding of the issues facing women both domestically and globally.

A multitude of interesting and challenging classes will sharpen your critical-thinking skills and prepare you to pursue opportunities in virtually any field after graduation.

GIS allows you to explore the presence of spatial trends and patterns, why they exist where they do, and how those trends and patterns evolve with time.

Our Geography programs emphasize human interactions with the physical environment, environmental law and policy, environmental economics and environmental management.

Become fluent in German and explore the rich, complex history and culture of one of the most influential countries in Europe through this multi-faceted and engaging course of study.

Examines the social, cultural, psychological and physical changes associated with aging

Learn to read Ancient Greek and study Homer, Herodotus, Sophocles, Plato, the New Testament and more.

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Build your career in helping the next generation of students achieve academic success.

The study of history offers a strong foundation for a range of careers such as teaching; law; government service; politics; journalism and creative writing; publishing; library science; business and policy research; human resources; and positions with local, state or national archives, museums and historical societies or restoration agencies.

Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism
Learn to recognize potential marketing and travel-related opportunities that correspond to special events.

Human Resources
Successful companies engage in Strategic Human Capital Management (SHCM), which involves designing work in a way that enables the organization to meet strategic objectives.

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Bring rich worlds and vibrant characters to life on the page and explore a future in comic books, storyboards, commercial art and more.

Inclusive Education prepares highly trained educators who make a vital contribution to New Jersey schools through promoting quality inclusive practices for students, both with and without disabilities, to learn together in the same classrooms.

Information Technology
Learn to use computing technology to create and process information to meet enterprise goals.

In our comprehensive program, you will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on national and company competitiveness, international trade, export and import management, foreign direct investment, market entry and expansion strategies, regional blocs, and management of multinational corporations.

The International Studies program provides students with an education that broadens their knowledge of the people of the world, international events, and the socio-economic and socio-political background to global affairs.

Studying Italian is an intellectually, professionally and personally enriching experience in a culture whose influence spans from antiquity to the present.

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Gives students the opportunity to explore recent scholarship on the literature, art and culture of the Jewish community in America as well as the contributions of immigrant culture to society.

Develop competencies in writing, research and production techniques as well as gain knowledge from a solid foundation of liberal arts courses.

Jurisprudence, Law and Society
In our program, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of how the law functions while also improving your critical-thinking skills.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of law, justice systems and international justice.

If you are interested in working with families with diverse and challenging needs this is a suitable academic program.

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Intensive language and culture study (a choice of Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish) with fundamental business skills to prepare students for exciting careers both at home and abroad

Learn to read Latin and study Virgil, Catullus, Ovid, Cicero, Caesar and more.

A series of cultural programs, films, forums and lectures provides insight on current issues and exposes students to a wide range of views on LALS topics.

Law and Governance
The program in Law and Governance creates leaders in regulatory law in industry, government and nonprofit organizations.

Leadership Development Through Civic Engagement
In our program, you will be taught how to serve and to motivate others to attain their highest potential, and learn to set direction and motivate the commitment of others to navigate change in the world.

The discipline that studies and describes language in all its aspects: its structure, its use, its history, its varieties and how it is learned.

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Study with experienced professionals who will teach you how to lead a team of people, and maximize the potential of different business opportunities.

Management Information Systems
Prepares you to effectively harness technology and systems to support strategic business planning and decision making, serve as a business/systems analyst, become a specialist in your industry or area of interest, consult with businesses or individuals in technology sales or customer service, and assume a leadership role on an organization's information management team.

Study in this field encompasses freshwater lakes and streams, estuaries and coastal marine habitats that are critical for numerous plants and animals, but can be compromised by human activities.

All that stands between you and a dynamic marketing career is a top-notch education and real-life experience. Businesses today rely on powerful product and branding messages to build profitable connections with target audiences.

The program's professional course sequence and clinical field experiences emphasize teaching for critical thinking and preparing P-12 students to participate as citizens in a democracy.

Engage and connect with the business community through our Executive Speaker Series, research and internship opportunities. Gain a global perspective through a faculty-led international trip exploring the challenges and potential of an emerging economy.

The ǧý Mathematics program provides students with a spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics that establish a mathematician's mentality.

Explore how different social contexts, belief systems, historical traditions, and literary works shape our understanding of what it means to be sick and how healthcare should be practiced.

The Molecular Biology curriculum will provide undergraduate students with a fundamental knowledge of the principles and practices inherent in the rapidly advancing field of molecular biology in preparation for industry research, graduate school or the health professions.

Here, you will study music with world-class faculty who will nurture you to become a performer, educator, composer, or therapist. You will also be able to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities available to students of the School of Music at ǧý University.

Through carefully planned musical experiences, the client is provided with opportunities to address therapeutic goals across a wide range of needs.

Musical Theatre
Our rigorous, innovative curriculum combines instruction and experience in the acting, dance, and music demanded by the Musical Theatre craft.

Contemplate how the narratives present in film, literature and television are part of our collective consciousness. Myth studies will help you to prepare for careers in humanities-related disciplines, psychology, film or even brand marketing.

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Native American and Indigenous Studies
The history and culture of Indigenous people as defined and expressed by Indigenous people today.

Our program offers a hybrid format comprised of both online and in-person courses for students looking to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Nutrition and the science of food, including; food systems, sustainability, and global and national food policy.

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With the exception of giving legal advice, making court appearances and setting fees, a paralegal may carry out many tasks under the supervision of an attorney.

Explore the nature of life, the world, and knowledge by questioning what it really means to know.

Work with children and young adults in a variety of educational and community settings

Physics' application to other sciences means that it is an ideal starting point for entry into almost every branch of science, engineering and technology.

The Political Science major creates leaders in politics and public policy internationally and domestically.

In the cradle of one of the largest Luso-Brazilian communities in the country, our program opens the door for our students to interact linguistically and socially with people on four continents and provides students with a competitive advantage in the workplace, locally and internationally.

Get a head start on your studies with a minor in Pre-Law. You will acquire an essential foundation in the basics, while developing analytical writing and research skills.

Product Design
Focuses on the design and development of consumer products of all types, the program fosters the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as a solid grounding in all aspects of the design process.

We use biological, cognitive, developmental, social and personality perspectives to study why we do what we do.

Learn about the intricacies of government organizations and facilitate internship opportunities to give you firsthand job experience.

Learn how to help create a society where everyone has an equal chance to be healthy.

Public Relations
Public Relations specialists aim to enhance the relationship between an organization or individual with strategic groups such as investors, employees, activist groups, government regulators and others.

Students learn about the various forms of writing that they are likely to encounter in their careers and how to adapt their writing for different audiences and purposes.

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Graduates will be equipped to effectively provide developmentally appropriate literacy instruction for a diverse population of K-12 learners, including English language learners, students with disabilities and those who are struggling with literacy.

The real estate sector is a diversified, global industry that offers exciting employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in three main areas: residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Our curriculum prepares you for a career in commercial real estate, where you can draw on your ability to analyze, evaluate, finance and manage property assets.

Recording Arts and Production
Prepare for a career in the ever-changing fields of audio recording, music production, sound for film and television, or live sound.

Religion is a major force in politics and thus is a dominant theme in both major news outlets and social media.

Launch a fast-paced career and ensure retail goods are available to customers when and where they want them with a concentration in Retail Merchandising and Management.

Learn to speak, read and write Russian with amazing faculty and you will enhance job prospects in a variety of industries!

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In this program, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate an array of possible career paths, including a case manager, counselor, community organizer and advocate, to name a few.

As a sociology major, you will arrive at a better understanding of how the world works and how to change it.

An exciting intellectual, personal and professional adventure that offers multiple possibilities for future careers and cultural enrichment.

The Special Education programs offered in the Department of Teaching and Learning at ǧý University are designed for certified teachers who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of special education. This includes knowledge about the field of special education and the relationship of special education to the family, other disciplines and the community.

Sports Communication
Enter the ever-changing, fast-paced industry of sports media while preparing to be a writer, producer, and director of dynamic media content.

ǧý University sustainability programs lead the way in New Jersey in integrating natural and physical science with social science, economics, policy and project management to prepare sustainability professionals and managers to tackle society's most complex and pressing environmental problems.

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Are you interested in becoming a school teacher? Our Teacher Education Program will provide you with a sequence of professional courses and field experiences leading to initial teaching certification.

Teacher Education and Certification
We are dedicated to preparing and supporting knowledgeable teachers who develop a strong set of commitments to equity and diversity, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Teacher Education and Teacher Development
The PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development is the first of its kind in the region and one of only a few in the country. The curriculum is based on the most current research on how teachers learn to teach in multicultural contexts and how they develop professionally throughout their careers.

The TELL minor will provide you with the highly specialized knowledge and skills to work effectively with students who are English language learners.

Television and Digital Media
In our program, you will learn the behind-the-scenes process that goes into producing television and digital media content.

Immerse yourself in multiple approaches to action, learn techniques that get to the heart of the craft of acting.

Theatre Studies provides students with a broad-based knowledge of the theatre field and underscores the relationship between what happens on stage and what takes place in the world around us.

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Our Urban Studies concentration within the Geography BA and the Urban Studies minor take advantage of the NJ/NY metropolitan setting and the wealth of social, political, cultural, economic and environmental interactions occurring within our area, as well as integrating faculty scholarship expertise in Africa, Latin America, China, India and Vietnam.

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Students who study Visual Arts learn to create using a variety of media and techniques, including ceramics, drawing, metalwork and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture, and exhibit their work on and off campus.

Visual Communication Design
In our program, research, analysis, sketching, concept development and teamwork become an integral part of your design process.

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